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 The Forum Rulez

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PostSubject: The Forum Rulez   Sun Jul 22, 2007 3:04 pm

Most Important Rule!

  1. Enjoy yourself and have a great time on these forums!

  1. Violating
    the above rules can result in being banned from the forums. Depending
    on the reason, you may have some or no warning. For instance,
    racist/hatespeak will be an instant ban, no warning, but if the problem
    is, say, flaming between 2 people warnings will be issued. We are under
    no obligation to warn you since the rules are posted, but we will try
    to do so when the problem/infraction is of less significance.
  2. How
    do I get unbanned? First off, DO NOT re-register. Doing so just reduces
    your chances of ever being unbanned. You will have to contact a forum
    admin or moderator to make such a request. Obviously, you will have to
    do this off-forum. You may also use a friend w/ an account to contact
    us via the forums.
  3. Bans are not up for public discussion.
  4. Posts
    made into incorrect forums can/will be moved or deleted at moderator
    discretion. As much as possible, we will try and note why the thread
    was locked/moved.


  1. We do not give out your email address to anyone and never will. You can choose to hide your email address for total privacy.
  2. The
    email address you enter must be valid. You cannot finish registration
    unless you respond to our confirmation email we send to that email
  3. Forum account names may be renamed by forum
    administrators. Due to the fact that there are many hundreds of users
    on these forums, the administrators may refuse to grant your request
    for any reason. The least of which may simply be because we simply do
    not want to do it because there are other things that need doing around
    here. Users may only have their account renamed ONCE -- after that,
    users must stick with what they have.
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The Forum Rulez
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